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Dynasty Premium Group (DPG) is operated with accuracy-demanding staff (with possessing 23 years of viable advice and successful cases).

Dynasty Premium Asset Valuation & Real Estate Consultancy Limited is a member of Dynasty Premium Group and is the first chartered surveying company in Hong Kong since 2004 providing the unique, exclusive hybrid services of ‘property rights with law, finance, & IT’ in the property surveying. The services of ‘property rights with law’ ensure the truth, accuracy and completeness of our opinion on the market value under the up-to-date global requirements of knowledge on the property rights and interests, other than the fundamental mechanical mathematical calculation performance of the property valuation.

Data Oasis Limited is the 1st ICT company of Hong Kong under the Government List of OGCIO in 2008 with the chartered surveyor's involvement in producing data of land & building and property rights, complying with the requirements of statutory rules and laws in Hong Kong.

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