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Welcome to Banjara Times!

Proud to be a Goaar!

Our E-mail address is:


In The Memory of Banjara Sant Shri Laxman Chaitanya Bapu Ji: Divya Sant Sammelan from December 23 to 27 at Paal

Great Saint from Banjara Community Late Sant Shri Laxman Chaitanya Bapu Ji Maharaj

Sant Shri Laxman Chaitanya Bapu Ji with their devotees.

Sagar, Madhya Pradesh (Hardeep Singh Chauhan):
Sant Shri Laxman Chaitanya Bapu Ji Ki Yaad Mein Divya Sant Sammelan 23 December Se 27 December Tak, Sant Shri Laxman Chaitanya Ji Ashram, Shri Vrindavan Dhaam Ashram Paal, Tehsil Raver, District Jalgaon, Maharashtra Mein Ho Raha Hai.

Contact Phone No. is 088055-94241.

Uploaded on November 14, 2014____________________________________________

Gor Sena Movement's Reservation Morcha For the Status of Scheduled Tribe for Banjaras is getting strong!

Every Goaar/Banjara should join Gor Sena Movement!

Phagwara, August 22, 2014 (Banjara Times News Network): Gor Sena movement started Reservation Morcha for the Scheduled Tribe Status for Banjaras. In few days this Movement is noticed by the Banjaras/Goaars of the India. Media also understands the power of ST Reservation Morcha by Gor Sena. Newspapers giving preference to publish the news about ST Reservation Morcha by Gor Sena. Thousands of Volunteers are working day and Night for the success of ST Reservation Morcha for Banjaras.

Banjara Times website is giving support to Gor Sena. BanjaraTimes.Com appealing to all Banjaras/Goaars come forward and join Gor Sena Movement.

Gor Sena is part of Gor Sikwadi. If someone wanna join Gor Sena Movement, please go through the website of Gor Sikwadi. Please click on the link below, for the visit of Gor Sikwadi:

Gor Sena Movement's Reservation Morcha for Scheduled Tribe Status for Banjaras is in full swing in Maharashtra. Above photo is from Dealai Chowk, Aurangabad. Banjaras of Maharashtra are supporting this Gor Sena's Movement.

Gor Sena's Reservation Morcha at Latur. Big support is coming from Banjaras of Maharashtra to this Gor Sena Movement.

A Poster released by Gor Sena for the Kinvat Reservation Morcha. Goaars of India are waiting for this movement to reach every Tanda. Success of the Gor sena Movement will change the Banjara Politics. Support of Banjara Times is with Gor Sena. BanjaraTimes.Com is appealing to every Goaar or Banjara to come forward and join this movement for the development of Goaars or Banjaras.

Gor Sena is part of Gor Sikwadi. We are publishing some information about the Gor Sikwadi.

Gor Sikwadi social movement started in Maharashtra in year 1998 under the guidance of Kashinath Ji Nayak and Sandesh Ji Chavan. "Gor Sikwadi" movement is a thought process and it is a platform to work for growth of Gor Banjara people. The aim of “Gor Sikwadi” is to bring all Banjara people in Mainstream of India.

The "Gor Sikwadi" word originated from Gor Banjara’s culture, in Gor Banjara community an elder generation gives a “SIKWADI” to a younger generation. "Gor Sikwadi" team is a group of like-minded people who are willing to work for development of Gor Banjara community. People working in Gor Sikwadi team are Engineers, Doctors, Professors, Advocates, Teachers and Farmers, but when they all came together to work on a Gor Sikwadi platform they all works as a team to achieve a common goal of Banjara community's development.

From last 15+ years “Gor Sikwadi” team is working continuously in Maharashtra for development of Banjara community. Since its inception, it has reached 7000+ tanda’s in Maharashtra and achieved significant results in transforming lives of Banjara people and uniting them together. “Gor Sikwadi” team has also visited almost all states in India and gathered historical and cultural information of great banjara community.