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About Us

Thank You for taking the time to look through this website BanjaraTimes.Com.

Our Path Pardarshak (Mentor) Late Shri Boota Ram Ji Dharamsot.

This site originally began as a rememberence to my grandfather, Late Shri Boota Ram Dharamsot, known as Mahant Boota Nath to his Goaar Biradari. He passed away at the age of 80 on September 23, 1997. His death had an enormous impact on our family, much more than we would realize. He was simple, straight forward man with big heart and generous nature.

This website is dedicated to the Goaar Boli or Goaar Dialect. Goaar Dialect is spoken by Goaars only. It has number of Sanskrit words. Since it has no script, it has been suggested to adopt Devnagri Script, which is the most suited to Goaar accent and pronounciation. A dictionary of Goaar words and grammer should be prepared to give stability and basis for its development.

In fast changing modern world, no tribal community can remain isolated and be static, with expansion of communications and swift means of transport, with the transistors and televisions invading the nooks and corners, a new horizon is unfolding itself to Goaars in the Tandas also. In fast developing economy, no steel curtain can be put between the tribals and the advanced classes of people. Thus they are exposed to the social, cultural, economic and political influences of the advanced people of other communities.

Our beloved Goaar leader, from Pusad, Yevatmal district of Maharashtra (India), Mr. V. P. Naik who was the chief minister of the premier state of Maharashtra for over eleven years stated that "We have to go along with the currents of social and economic change in country and benefit by them. We would remain weaklings if we remain isolated." In fact, even the mother will not pay attention to the child if it does not cry. Therefore Goaars should unite, organize themselves and go along the path of progress. They should take part of democracy and the democratic way of life.

Our Mission:

Goaar Heritage, is a generous and philanthropic attempt to create a common platform for all Goaars’s worldwide to talk, share and know more about each other and expand the peripheries of knowledge. To promote the philosophy of our Great Personalities. It is a non-political special interest attempt primarily focused to build, enhance and sustain Goaar Heritage.

Our Objectives:

(1) To enshrine and highlight the existance of Goaars and their contribution to the world.

(2) To create distinctive and valuable image of a Goaars and their acheivements in the society.

(3) Pass on the Pride of being a Goaar to the young and our heritage to our children.

(4) Introduce the world to the ethics, mysticism, arts, literature and heroism of Goaars.

(5) Contribute to overcome issues of common human concern through education, sharing knowledge and faith.

(6) Create path of advancement for critical and creative thinking to live life with honest thought process.

(7) Generate the highest quality resources to keep up the link of our youth towards Goaar Heritage & self admiration.

My thanks are also due to Late Gyani Garja Singh ( Great Researcher of Goaar Community),  Late Mr. Ranjit Naik ( President, All India Banjara Seva Sangh), Mr. Y. Rupla Naik (I.A.S., Retd.), Late Lef. Col. Gulcharan Singh Jalandhar and Mr. Motiraj Rathod (Historian and Researcher of Goaar Dynasty).

         Gyani Garja Singh Ji 

With regards and thanks for visiting your own website,

Om Parkash Kamal.


About Jatinder Mashall: Creater of the website.

Jatinder Mashall is creater of the website. He did his B.E. from Fatehgarh Sahib, Punjab and M.E. from Chandigarh. His father Mr. Mulkh Raj Mashall is working as Sub Divisional Officer in Punjab State Electricity Board. His younger brother also completed his B.E. from Longowal, Punjab.